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Pasta dough is simple, in the sense that only three ingredients need to come together. Eggs, flour, semolina. If these are combined and incorporated in the right way, you can achieve a smooth, workable dough that is the basis for all your pasta adventures. If you've booked the ingredient add-on to the online pasta class then the pre-measured dough ingredients are delivered to your doorstep. If you chose to prep these ingredients at home, please make sure to weigh them exactly as only the correct ratio will yield a dough that you can easily work with.

Image by Morgane Perraud


I make sure to use organic or biodynamic eggs. Not only is this the most sustainable and respectful way to consume eggs but I also believe that it reflects in a more nuanced taste profile.



There is a real science to the best flour to be used for pasta making. The finer the flour granules the easier it is for the flour to absorb the moisture of the eggs. As it's not always easy to find special pasta flour its good to know that all purpose flour will also work well to make a basic pasta dough.



Semolina is a rougher flour with high gluten content which helps the smooth workability of the pasta dough. If you absolutely can't find semolina then you can replace this by the same flour you already use.

Ingredients: Team Members
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