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Learn to make pasta in less than one hour

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Beech wood pasta guitar with birch wood slide with 2 sides for cutting Abruzzese Spaghetti & Tagliatelle. 46x22x9 cm.

One side can be used to cut spaghetti (width: 3 mm). The other side can be used to cut tagliatelle (width: 6 mm). 


Spaghetti alla Chitarra (Guitar Pasta) is a typical Italian Pasta. In Italy they are also called Maccheroni alla Chitarra, while in other countries are best known as Guitar Spaghetti, Pasta alla Guitarra, Pasta alla Chitarra - Guitar Pasta or Italian Pasta Guitar. This handmade pasta was born in Abruzzo, a center Italy region, but nowadays you can find it everywhere in Italy. In other regions there are other very similar types of pasta, such as “Tonnarelli” in Lazio, “Troccoli” in Basilicata / Puglia and “Maccheroni Crioli” in Molise.

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